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Who are we?

Our language centre, Europrofs, is located in Ostend, the halfway point along Belgium’s coastline. We have been active in languages for more than 25 years.

We specialize in two areas:

All our team members, whether teachers or translators, have a minimum of 10 years’ experience within the language sector. (Together, they also command a wealth of subject knowledge in a wide variety of business and public sectors.)

All translations (standard and sworn) are carried out by translators who translate into their native language and have a superior knowledge of the source language.

Voor At Europrofs, we stand for Quality and Speed. Quality always, delivered on time. We adhere meticulously to all deadlines and objectives agreed on with the customer.

Who are our translators?

Lesley Bob Peter
Lesley Bob Peter
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Teresa Valerie Typhaine
Teresa Valerie Typhaine
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