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Who are we?

Our language service agency is established in Sint-Gillis-bij-Dendermonde. We have been operating in the language sector since 1982.

We translate from and into Dutch, French, English and German.
Sworn translations can be provided from and into Dutch, French and English.
(Sworn) interpreting can be provided from and into French and Dutch.

All employees rely on at least ten years of experience within the sector.
Translations (whether sworn or not) are always done by translators who are native speakers and have a perfect command of the source language.
Speed and Quality are Europrofs' keywords. The one should never put the other at risk. The deadlines and final objectives are determined in consultation with the client and meticulously respected.

In addition to translation and interpreting, we also offer other services such as:

- Speeches and eulogies (weddings, funerals, etc.);
- Reviews when assessing restaurants, holiday homes, drinks and food, etc.;
- Travel reports, meeting reports, etc.

- Training, seminars, workshops, etc.;
- Trips and stays in-country and abroad.
- Assistance to private persons and companies with regard to communication technology (social media, IT, etc.)

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