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As a language teacher in higher education, founder Bob Muyllaert (too) frequently came in contact with poorly written texts that were unacceptable as source materials for his courses.

Personal and business contacts often asked him to rework or translate their texts because they were not happy with the work that others had done.
He rapidly built up a loyal customer base and soon saw the need to set up his own language centre.

In 1996, the one-man business became a limited company with over ten employees. In 2004, due to excessive infrastructure costs, the company reverted to its original form as a one-man business but with the support of a network of professional freelancers.


What does Europrofs stands for?
In two words: Speed and Quality.
We strive to deliver the highest level of quality within the given timeframe.

The name Europrofs stands for:

Translations, sworn and non-sworn
We translate all European languages that use the Western Alphabet;
Our translations are highly professional;

Language courses
We offer courses in French, Dutch and English, both on-site and off-site;
Our courses are given by professional teachers with a minimum of 10 years’ experience in higher education.

How does Europrofs distingiush itself from other language centres?

Language courses Translations
* Tailored to requirements, no standard courses * Price per character, not per line
* When you want it: daytime, evenings, during the weekend or holidays,… * Strict adherence to deadlines
* Where you want it: your place or ours * Delivery via email, post or courier
* Enthusiastic, experienced and qualified teachers * Native speakers of the target language
* The intake meeting is held according to the Common European Framework of Reference (see ‘Courses’) * Sworn translations in Dutch, French, English, German and Spanish
* Individual or group classes * Use of correct register and jargon
* Hourly rate instead of price per person: i.e. you pay 50 € per hour, and not per person * No minimum rate – not even for very short translations – except for sworn translations

Who are our translators?

Lesley Bob Peter
Lesley Bob Peter
French » English
Dutch » English
English » Dutch
French » Dutch
English » Spanish
English » Dutch
Teresa Valerie Typhaine
Teresa Valerie Typhaine
Dutch » Spanish
German » Spanish
English » Italien
French » Italien
Dutch » French
English » French

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